The Mission of Sun Sugar Farms

The mission of Sun Sugar Farms is to help consumers and growers waste less through high-quality, low earth impact, truly sustainable products. With products like our reusable CRESBI crate systems that replace plastic bags and our recyclable, biodegradable Sustainable Produce Containers that replace the billions of clamshells that can't be recycled annually, we seek to not only improve the environmental well-being of the planet but that of the social and economical livelihood of our diverse community of like-minded customers.

Sun Sugar Farms, LLC
"Old-fashioned goodness for your modern life."

About Sun Sugar Farms

Owner Linda Fritz hates waste. Waste of products, waste of people's talents, waste of time. That's why she came up with the CRESBI crate system to save everyone in America's time and protect their groceries and the Sustainable Produce Container to replace the billions of plastic produce packages that end up in landfills. Early in her life, she also hated vegetables. But then she tasted fresh edamame and sun sugar cherry tomatoes.  She decided to start farming on a small commercial scale so she could bring these two produce items to a bigger market (especially kids), to try to help everyone eat healthier. Sun Sugar Farms, LLC was born in 2012 to do just that. As she realized she didn't want to put chemicals into the land to grow her food and switched to sustainable agriculture methods, the ideas for the CRESBI crate and the Sustainable Produce Container were also born.

Linda is the 100% owner of Sun Sugar Farms and Kodiak Video Productions. After putting herself through Pennsylvania State University and graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Fritz worked 10 years in the automotive industry before starting her own video production company and raising a family. Specializing in business-to-business marketing, Fritz continues to run her advertising company while marketing CRESBI® crates and the Sustainable Produce Containers and seasonally growing Sun Sugar Cherry tomatoes for the Cincinnati/NKY market. She has also long supported or has been a volunteer in charities like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Neuterville Express, National Public Radio, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Focus on the Family, Green Umbrella, various church ministries, and several food banks in Northern Kentucky. Fritz has created many videos on the Sun Sugar Farms youtube channel on repurposing reusable bags, another thing that often ends up in a landfill. To contact Linda call 859-630-2694 or email [email protected].

“As a sustainable farmer who loves the land, I didn’t want to package my sweet sun sugar cherry tomatoes in a hard-to-recycle plastic clamshell. Since no good commercial designs existed, I created an earth-friendly one that told a story. A story of how the sun, plants, soil, water, wind and humans came together to create something of beauty. Delicious beauty that comes to life by just opening the box."

Owner/Creator Linda Fritz