“We are thrilled that we can have our logo & story right on the box at such a low minimum, plus our customers love these!”
Valley Spirit Farms, KY

Mushrooms Growers love this packaging!

Because the Sustainable Produce Container is such a popular package with mushroom growers and mycologists, we’ve created a whole page here with all the info in one place! Click on the size name you want for that order page or call Linda at 859-630-2694 for best shipping prices.


“Improved our packaging & our profits!”
Haw River Mushrooms, NC
  • 100% recyclable
  • PFA (polyfluoroalkyl) free
  • Biodegrades in a backyard compost pile in a few weeks
  • Cardboard is thicker than paper bags so mushrooms can’t “eat” it as quickly
  • Containers are sturdy enough to stack 3-6 layers tall
  • Earth-themed vents for air flow
  • Secure hinged lid latch
  • Holds up under temperature transitions (same cardboard is used in beer bottle carriers)
  • Containers fit in most master cartons
  • Easy to hand assemble, some designs are reversible with white on one side, natural on the other
  • Single and full color printing available for just 10,000 minimum (approximately a pallet)
  • Ships flat saving space
  • In high volumes containers are the same price as plastic and eliminate sticky labels
  • Practically free machine container former available (small deposit, 3 year lease for high volumes)


  • Mushrooms may dry out a bit sooner than in plastic but will never get slimy like old ones in plastic
  • Containers need to be hand-formed unless you have the higher quantities for a machine former
  • Sizes do not hold exactly same amount as current grocery store 8 oz and 16 oz mounded plastic tubs but this gives you an opportunity to resize, rebrand and remarket at a better price per pound.



– Size: 4”L x 4.125”W x 1.5”H
Design: quick autobottom in natural brown, machine formable version planned for 2021
Mushrooms: small button


– Size: 4.375”L x 4.125”W x 2.25”H
Design: reversible natural brown or white, hand or machine formable
Mushrooms: buttons, shitake


– Size: 6.375”L x 4”W x 1.5”H
Design: natural brown inside and out, machine formable design planned 2021
Mushrooms: buttons, shitake


– Size: 6.375”L x 4”W x 2.875”H
Design: natural brown inside and out, machine formable design will replace this by end of 2020
Mushrooms: blue, golden, pink, or yellow oyster, chestnut, lions mane, pioppini, reishi, shitake


– Size: 6.375”L x 7.25”W x 2.875”H
– Design: reversible natural brown or white, hand or machine formable
– Mushrooms: blue, golden, pink, or yellow oyster, chestnut, lions mane, pioppini, reishi, shitake  ​

Click on the size name you want to go to that order page or call Linda at 859-630-2694 for best shipping prices. ​
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For a custom 2″x4″ stamp it usually takes 10 drops per hole when you need to refill: https://youtu.be/iqkLTMTrzLE
Email us if you would like our Photoshop file for the best size: [email protected]