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Want a more earth-friendly, professional-looking alternative to stick-on labels? Check out what some of our customers have done with stamps for their boxes! If you don’t have access to a photoshop type program to create a custom stamp for yourself – or you don’t have the time to design your own custom printed box – we can help!

Our sister company Kodiak Video Productions has been providing business-to-business marketing since 1994. We have a special graphic design farmer rate of $50/hour that covers creating the custom stamp and providing you with the high-resolution file to upload to a stamp company. We recommend this company and their pre-inked stamps because it’s less messy than an ink pad:


Or if you do have photoshop, we’re happy to email you the template for the stamp to fit the top lid, front lid or full front lid to tweak it yourself.

We can also design single or full-color layouts for printing the containers with your design on every side of the box, if desired. Compared to other sustainable packaging alternatives, our minimums are much lower and our customization much more affordable. A minimum of only one pallet of the size you want is required and timing your customer order when a larger run of that size you want is being produced.

There are even some grant incentives such as the Kentucky Proud program that will pay for part of the packaging if it uses their logo. Valley Spirit Farms took advantage of this program and had us print 10,000 of the 2 Quarts with their name/logo on the front and their story on the bottom.

Glenmary Farms had 50,000 of the new 1.5 Pint printed in full color on a white background, and for marketing research, had us make 50,000 of the same size as a single color design on the Kraft brown background.

Email [email protected] for more details or call 859-630-2694.

1 review for Printing or Stamping Options/Graphic Design Services

  1. Bob Montijo

    From Bob Montijo of Indian Iron Mountain:

    “Thank you for creating a simple yet powerful logo for us along with a stamp and files for creating hats and T-shirts. They look great!

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